[Abgelehnt] Void_Nemesis_GOF2's second application

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Hey everyone!
I realised there was some mistakes in my last application, and these caused the fact that i was rejected;
first, I DO NOT HAVE A CHINESE PROXY. I said i was french (which is true), but i currently live in china, in Shanghia. I am getting VPN soon anyway, so thats fixed.
The second mistake is applying to more than one clan at once. This one is a real mistake i made. I was a real n00b at the time, and though that if i applied at the same time to more than one clan, i would have more chances to be accepted. currently im only applying to BB.
The rest of the info is the same, except that now i have more than I char; i have Void_Nemesis_GOF2, Void_Nemesis_GOF2², Void_Nemesis_GOF2°, and Void_Nemesis_GOF2²°.
Im sorry if there was any misunderstanding in my last application.

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RE: [Abgelehnt] Void_Nemesis_GOF2's second application

in Bewerbungen // Applications |Freelancer| 08.03.2013 03:24
von Todesfalke • 574 Beiträge

Okay, we'll talk about your application. Be active and meet with us on HC and on our TS server so you can convince us.

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